KTZ Project
Experience-driven is what best describes gaming. The convergence of blockchain technology and games, therefore, must be carried out in terms of gaming content – the core aspects of a game that users actually enjoy - to ensure value and sustainability of blockchain-based games.
We need an advanced ecosystem for the gaming industry. Then what constitutes an advanced ecosystem? The following are the key characteristics of an advanced ecosystem: sharing, common interests, active circulation, and transparency.
New ideas are always met with excitement but also skepticism, so one of the key challenges we must address to establish an advanced ecosystem is building trust. Smart contracts can serve as the foundation for trust as information will be made available to the users in full.
Although the gaming industry has come a long way in terms of its popularity and size, what remains unchanged is the expendable nature of games. Games are still considered a waste of time to many, which makes gamers feel guilty. And the gaming industry is well-known for its crunch culture where game developers are forced to handle excessive workloads to make better games. And game platform providers are constantly looking for the next big game despite having an array of successful games already. Such problems have to do with structural issues within the gaming industry.
If games are operated in an integrated manner, many of such problems will be resolved. The key is to create an ecosystem that connects games, users, developers, and platform providers, allowing for positive dynamics between the stakeholders. The components that make up an ecosystem must interact with each other organically for continued growth. Various attempts have been made to establish such ecosystem in the gaming industry, but a working model has not been developed yet.
The success or failure of an ecosystem is still largely dependent on how influential each game is. This is because of the conflicting interests between participants, fragmentation, and the lack of infrastructure. We aim to tackle these problems by creating an advanced ecosystem.objects, or areas can be a great way to let readers deep dive into the concepts that matter most to them. Combine guides with this approach to 'fundamentals' and you're well on your way to great documentation!
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